It’s a trick. Just a magic trick.

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It’s Hiccup!

And our dragons!

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god I can’t even begin to describe how Mary doesn’t fit in the picture at all with her bright red coat inside all this green and black and it just isn’t right, it is so wrong, Mary is wrong, the whole forgiving thing and the ‘everything-is-fine-now’ masquerade is just so wrong that it makes me want to scream

interestingly, red is the first colour to reach the eye, which is one of the reasons (besides being the most common colour of fire) that it’s associated with danger - it’s the easiest to catch in your peripheral vision

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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

If you know who I am, then you know who he is [because there’s no Sherlock Holmes without John Watson, and there’s no John Watson without Sherlock Holmes].

The weight of what those words mean is astounding. I never really considered it before. John’s already told us that he doesn’t exist without Sherlock. #Sherlock Holmes lives#means John Watson lives

Sherlock is his actual lifeline, and we know that. 

But in a psychological sense, it’s as if Sherlock is defining John as literally an extension of self. If you know Sherlock, you know John. He defines and understands John best in relationship to himself. It’s sort of a more evolved version of “What life? I’ve been away.”

Which is desperately heartbreaking if you consider what he’s just been through here. He’s just let him go. He sent him off to be married to Mary, and was separated from him for an entire month. Literally separated from a part of himself. No wonder he was so unmoored, lost. Imagine how hard that was for him to understand - that John could be separate from him, but he couldn’t be separated from John. Imagine him trying to wrap his mind around how John could live without him.

Okay, it’s incredibly self-involved and emotionally immature, also. But. Truly, devastatingly heartbreaking. Because even though he didn’t understand, and even though it was like being parted from an integral piece of his own soul, he did it. For John. 

And he still doesn’t comprehend that John actually CAN’T live without him. He has no clue the depths of despair that John went through when he was dead. Because even though they’re connected on this incredibly emotional and nearly spiritual/metaphysical level, they still don’t sit down and talk to each other the way they need to.

So they’re both feeling cut off from this person that actually functions as an extension of themselves, that they can’t live without, because they just can’t open their mouths and say somethings as simple as “I love you and I can’t be without you.” 

Head, meet wall. *bang*

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John’s awkward sherlock’s-relationship-with-janine-makes-me-uncomfortable stretch.


John’s awkward sherlock’s-relationship-with-janine-makes-me-uncomfortable stretch.

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